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Promote your business and gain all important leads. This One Page Website is designed to do just that! It’s like your own online business card, with 3 methods of customer contact always easily accessible on the site.

When viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile, the customer contact form and customer contact telephone number is in prime position for customer accessibility. When viewed on a mobile, the customer contact number clicks through and automatically dials the number. Also an SMS text button becomes visible and when clicked automatically activates the mobile’s SMS app. The contact form emails through your customers’ enquiries and stores all contact details in the back end of the site for your future use.

What’s included

  • $600 for a One Page Website which includes a custom built WordPress website, based on your supplied information
  • The design can include up to 3 existing images supplied by you (colour corrected and retouched if necessary), type setting of text supplied by you and up to 2 sets of your amendments before final approval
  • FREE webspace (not hosting) with your own Domain Name for your One Page Website
  • Daily site back ups and Site Security feature to prevent hacking
  • The capability to expand your site to as many pages as you may need in the future, or even convert the site to an eCommerce site, booking site or add many other advanced features
  • The capability to login and update your information yourself if you wish

Additional options

  • $400 for Search Engine Optimisation (10 point plan) and Google Indexing and Analytics
  • Help with registering your Domain Name (if you do not have one). Domain Names are about $20 per year
  • Help with setting up and moving the One Page Website to dedicated web hosting if you do decide to expand the website in the future. Hosting can start from $4.50 a month

ENQUIRE NOW for further options and information.