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Start building online communities, teams or groups with member profiles, online registrations, activity streams, user groups, messaging and much more. Acquire a custom built online user group or add a members’ area to your existing WordPress website.

The Online User Group websites created by David Ashurst Design are powered by both WordPress and BuddyPress. WordPress sites are very scalable. You can have hundreds of thousands of pages on your site and your site can grow as your business or organisation grows. They are also very flexible and you can extend the functionality of your site with plugins. There are over 29 thousand WordPress plugins available which should cover any future functionality your website may require.

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BuddyPress is a powerful community plugin for WordPress that takes your site beyond the blog. Here are just some of the key uses:

BuddyPress uses

  • A campus wide social-network for your university, school or college
  • An internal communication tool for your company
  • Niche social-networks for very specific interest groups
  • Focused communities for products & services
  • Integrated with bbPress to enhance community forums
  • Create a Marketplace, where your users can become vendors
  • Collaborative work spaces with shared dropbox and document editing
  • Media Listing Management of uploaded images, video and audio
  • Events Listing Management
  • Resume Listing Management
  • Job Listing Management
  • Portfolio Listing Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Real Estate Website

BuddyPress is fully customisable and scalable with many configurable options to build the exact online user group functionality you are looking for. Here are just some of the key features.

BuddyPress features

  • Fully configurable online user group solution with over 675 available plugins to extended its features even further. View options
  • Fully customisable automated user and internal admin emails
  • Back end user management
  • Ability to manage you own online user group (with some training)

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What’s included

  • A custom built WordPress BuddyPress website, based on your supplied information
  • Up to 2 sets of your amendments before final approval (go live of website)
  • Help with registering your Domain Name (if you do not have one).
  • Help with setting up web hosting. Hosting can start from $4.50 a month
  • Help with setting up a SSL certificate if needed (Secure Website). You may or may not need an SSL certificate, depending on the features of the site
  • Set up of payment gateway if needed e.g. PayPal
  • The capability to expand your site to as many pages as you may need in the future or add many advanced features
  • The capability to login and update your information yourself if you wish

Additional options

ENQUIRE NOW for further options and information.

Hosting and Domain Registration options

We can provide both hosting and Domain Registration as part of your website package. However if you wish to set these up yourself Crazy Domains offer some great options at very competitive prices.

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