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Use our affordable and realistic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) package to move your website further up search page listings. It includes a 10 point plan to improve search engine ranking and for faster effective indexing. Included are Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools account set up.

What’s included

  • $500 for a 10 point Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) package + Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools account set up.

10 point Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) package includes:

1. Meta Title inclusion on all pages. Meta Title tags are still by far the most important element of SEO, and you should always take care to craft each one carefully to include your keywords. Google displays this title in its search listings and uses the title to determine the relevance of the content in relation to a Google search. This ultimately impacts your website’s ranking and your position in Google’s search results listing.

2. Meta Description inclusion on all pages. One of the biggest mistakes is not making a connection between your Keywords and the page Meta Description. This is crucial; your Keywords should be featured as much as possible in your Meta Description. Google places a lot of weight on this. It displays this description in its search listings and uses the description to determine the relevance of the content in relation to a Google search; again affecting your website’s ranking and your position in Google’s search results listing.

3. Home page optimisation. Google places a lot of weight on the relevance of your site’s home page content, when matching a Google search to the results displayed. It’s therefore important to have as much relevant text on your home page as possible, which also includes your Keywords. Google ranks image heavy home pages lower in its search results.

4. Alt and Title Tags inclusion on each image and use of SEO friendly file names. It is important to include your keywords in these image tags, in order to increase your site’s relevance when searched in Google Images. Also, correctly naming uploaded files such as images or PDFs can improve your websites ranking. For example, Google would rate a file name of Graphic_Design_thumb.jpg higher than a file name of GD-01.jpg. Reason being, Google can determine that the content is more relevant to a search.

5. Submission and of XML Sitemap to Google. The creation of an XML sitemap helps search engine robots crawl the site faster and also alerts Google to any content changes you have made. It will also force the robots back to re-index your site and improve your sites ranking as Google gives a higher rating to websites which are regularly updated with fresh content. The re-submission of and XML sitemap should be done at least once a month, or whenever a large content update has occurred.

6. HTML Sitemap inclusion on the website. A HTML site map can be viewed by users of the website, whereas an XML sitemap is hidden. However, they both have the same benefit of making your website easier to index and therefore increase the chances of your site showing up in Google searches. This in turn contributes to your site’s ranking.

7. Analysis of duplicated website content. Google heavily penalizes sites with duplicate content. It is therefore critical to ensure that there is unique content on each page and each page has unique Meta Tags (as described above). Using a WebMaster Tools account, duplicate content can be analysed and recommendations are made to remove it.

8. Nofollow added to unnecessary links. Adding the “nofollow” attribute to links you don’t want Google indexing helps search engine robots stay focused on the actual content of your site. This is particularly important for all RSSfeed type links.

9. The use of Breadcrumb Navigation on the website (if applicable). Breadcrumbs are a trail of navigation links that usually appear near the top of a webpage. They are useful in helping your visitors understand the hierarchy of your website pages and are also useful to search engines for the very same reason.

10. Website Speed Optimisation. Google announced website speed would begin having an impact on search ranking. The other benefits of fast sites are a better user experience which makes users more likely to stay on your site for longer. Website speed optimisation is therefore included as part of the SEO package.

+ Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools account set up.

SEO Key Words usage tips

  • Use same Key Words as much as possible in:
  • Domain name
  • Site Title of Page/Post/Archive Meta Title
  • Meta Description of Page/Post/Archive repeat in different phrases
  • Image tags
  • In the body text of Posts and Pages

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